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Author Topic: Second Server Map Pole!  (Read 1886 times)


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Second Server Map Pole!
« on: December 13, 2013, 09:28:07 PM »
A second server might be coming up and we need your help to decide on the Epoch Supported Maps!
All gear will be able to be transferred over to the new server if it is made. Vote Away!
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Re: Second Server Map Pole!
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2013, 03:57:53 AM »
An official suggestion vote will be posted soon since there has been much feedback about wanting a 2nd server.

Few things to know about using a new map for dayz epoch not included within arma2OA game.
-New map  requires separate download, which matches server version. Without exact version, it will cause auto kick on connection.
-New map requires installation, improper installation or differing file size during check sum will cause auto kick on connection.
-New map requires custom launch command line to be entered to properly load into the server, without it, it will cause auto kick on connection.
-New map version is NOT the one from dayz commander, that is a separate MOD with its own dayz version bundled in with the map. This will not work and will cause auto kick on connection.
-Maps like Takistan, Utes, Zargibad, Proving grounds, Chernarus, etc. Are included within Arma2 and OA, therefor no download is needed as they are default maps.

Epoch is just the MOD, it does not include any MAP files. Inside the mod, it has settings for all supported maps listed on their website. On the server side, custom files are loaded so the mod can load in everything that is needed to make that map work.

Without a launcher that does it for you like dayz commander, addon sync, or six updater, a player must know where to download the map we are using, how to install it, and how to edit his launch command line parameters to be able to join and play on that specific map. This is easy for some to do, but is not common knowledge for the majority of the dayz player base.

We will have a tutorial on our forums on how to do all of this, and will include download links, a how to install, and a batch file launcher that will auto connect you to the server for whichever map we decide.

Lastly, take great consideration on the map you believe you want to play on. Think of how base building, vehicles, and game mechanics come into play. You want flat land to build the best base, you want land that has many modes of transportation, not giving 1 superiority over others.

A map like panthera at 10.3km2 has about 8km2 of land, but only 10% of that is usable for flat land due to the steep slopes. Wircraft are the preferred method of transport due to the massively tall mountains and isnt well suited for boats as it is one big circle.
Namalsk is roughly 11.7km2 but only has 6km2 of land (smallest map choice), and the terrain is very detailed and rigid, only 5% of the map has absolute flat land to build on. Furthermore, the steep mountains and cold snow reduce premium land to be used for bulding.
Chernarus is 15.35km2 with 12.5km2 of land, with many flat areas, hills, forests, long roads making it easy to drive, and a long coast good for limited boat use.
Taviana is 25.5km2 but is about 60% water, with only 11km2 of land. This version has many bugs and lag issues with the cities on the map.
Lingor is about 10km2 with about 8km2 of land, and gives boats an actual use for its many rivers which change depending on tide and rainfall.
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Re: Second Server Map Pole!
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2013, 04:38:16 AM »
I know the poll is in large favor of Namalsk and I am not surprised as I have hours of enjoyment and first hand experience with base building and more recently headless client AI on Namalsk.  With that said, I know how much fun it was and I just wanted to share my opinion on the matter of comparison.

Namalsk simply is too small, with the new system of base building were planning on implementing, much more opportunity for conquest will require more land, when you add in salvation type city defended by AI and dynamic events, NPC quest systems ideas etc.  The map begins to run out of space faster and inevitably as fun as it is starting up, it runs out fast.  

Ideal maps would be large in land mass while still having a balance of varied landscapes like tavi, lingor, chernarus, giving more space to build and more places to create events, missions, quests, division from others.

I personally love the new lingor 1.5 with the added two islands on east which includes military airfield and the extended main land west and north of the prison.   We could even allow the old debug island to be playable while moving debug in a location off the map with kill warning area trigger.  The map size and land diversity is amazing with plenty of choke points and means of travel.  This will extend the map life and give us more gameplay options to work with.  

Whenever maps are switched, tons of time goes into rebalancing and adding map specific changes which is time consuming and doesn't allow for as many improved and newer, sometimes never done before features that add depth and more options/choices for players to explore and achieve.  I fear this will happen with namalsk.

Below are images of lingor extension. You can check out the changes by downloading map and running in the editor.

Extended lingor 1.5:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/239 ... itions.jpg

I believe this is 1.4:
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Kilon kasio

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Re: Second Server Map Pole!
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2013, 05:25:13 PM »
Jus curious but what about a takistan map
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