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Hey everyone, a few months ago I came back in contact with Armifer and we had some cool plans on the table for the DM server(some of these are already proven and tested from my old server) but I got burned out of DayZ development as I was doing it 1-2 years on/off and I slowly phased off of it.  I'm sort of making this post to see where everyone is at as it seems like the community for the Arma 2 DM DayZ server has sort of died off a bit and low population never helps because there is no action.

I am only as motivated as the community and always had plans to talk to Armifer again to do a server reboot because god knows DayZ Standalone, Epoch Arma 3, and all other survival games out now are all missing one thing or another that we can do all of in the current DayZ Mod.

I am going to list a set of features and if Armifer wants to add some of the things he has been working on(I believe the BB 1.4 things we discussed) and of course if he is interested in a reboot as well:

Finished Features:
-Headless Client AI (yes you've guys heard it before as it uses Sarge AI as its core foundation). There will be a massive PvE aspect of the game with meaningful battles going on constantly, basically we can add 100's of NPCs with little server performance drop and the NPC's have much better reaction time and calculate strategy very fast.  Other servers you join without HC will be running so sluggish that your client FPS is often crap as well.
-Zombies and NPC survivors attack one another.
-Persistent NPC survivors, meaning NPC survivors travel, loot, steal vehicles persistently, and have a story to tell.  Most servers that use Sarge AI turn on Dynamic NPC's that only spawn when players are in the "zone", these same NPC's despawn as well when the player leaves...  With headless client, it would be persistent always with no survivor respawn.
-Re-hauled Dynamic Mission System with auto-generated loot and stash loot depending on difficulty (Not the crappy Open DayZ mission system you are used to, this uses that but has been completely reworked)
-Static Controlled NPC locations:  Basically there will be certain important static locations that will be heavily guarded with both static guards and patrol guards in and out of buildings.  The locations of the guards will be Dynamic (the large stash reward may or may not be).  If the location is attacked often by the same group of players, the NPCs will remember this and eventually assault those player bases (this is not in yet but fairly easy to script into the database). 
-Base Guards to defend player bases
-ZOMBIE HORDES! Massive zombie hordes will swarm players and npcs in the area (sound, sight, etc do not matter, they just know where you are and are coming!)

Unfinished Features WIP:
-Dynamic Quest System, this is not like the Mission System and I finished most of the foundation for this feature.  The idea here would be that roaming NPC survivors that are friendly to player will offer quests to anyone who walks up to them and initiates contact via action menu.  The quests will mostly be collection quests at first but we can easily generate "assassin quests" on other NPC's or Players and other SIMPLE quest ideas because simplicity is key!  After you complete a quest, you must venture back to the NPC whom will be marked with a marker, they then reward you with a secret stash location.  You can choose to kill them right after turning in the quest and take back what you gave them as freedom is key.. But you're humanity will suffer as usual..
-Persistent NPC bases. NPC bases that grow over time both in NPC numbers and actual base growth.  If the NPCs are all killed, the base will decay and die off, if not, it will continually grow and eventually they will began to assault other player/npc bases when at full growth.  This concept is not in at all, but can work on a basic level.  It may be scrapped and the Static Locations feature will be the closest thing to this.

Closing notes:
I saw a post made about going back to Cherno... Id only do this if we jumped to the new Lingor or maybe even the current Napf as the added Headless Client AI would fill the void of an early low-pop server.  We can scale the AI based on amount of players in the server as well, but really I say we just go nuts with it until we find problems later on as the server grows.

If we do end up doing a reboot, I won't be able to spend as much time on this as before as I am busier with work and my other projects.  I'd like to get the current "Finished Features" in and go from there.  The dynamic quest system as a second best on a basic level.

I'd like to promote the server this time around with some catchy phrase like "EMERGENT AI" or whatever or a video demonstrating features that no one will see ever(because everyone will assume we copied-pasted some over-used features from Open Dayz).  Anything over 10 players consistently will be lots of fun with the amount of action added to the game with the above features.

With the summer break, we are guaranteed an increase in players and player availability, we just need to promote the server.  What do you guys think?

Server Suggestions / Re: New rule
« on: January 06, 2014, 03:41:09 PM »
Im sure if agreed upon, we can make logging out in someones base the same as logging out near debug (with the new base system we are discussing, itd make perfect sense).  Your spawn would get reset to a random fresh spawn or we could even teleport players around the perimeter of the base they logged out in.  We could even give a warning message when players are logging out in an enemy base that these things will occur.

Server Suggestions / Re: Second Server Map Pole!
« on: December 22, 2013, 04:38:16 AM »
I know the poll is in large favor of Namalsk and I am not surprised as I have hours of enjoyment and first hand experience with base building and more recently headless client AI on Namalsk.  With that said, I know how much fun it was and I just wanted to share my opinion on the matter of comparison.

Namalsk simply is too small, with the new system of base building were planning on implementing, much more opportunity for conquest will require more land, when you add in salvation type city defended by AI and dynamic events, NPC quest systems ideas etc.  The map begins to run out of space faster and inevitably as fun as it is starting up, it runs out fast.  

Ideal maps would be large in land mass while still having a balance of varied landscapes like tavi, lingor, chernarus, giving more space to build and more places to create events, missions, quests, division from others.

I personally love the new lingor 1.5 with the added two islands on east which includes military airfield and the extended main land west and north of the prison.   We could even allow the old debug island to be playable while moving debug in a location off the map with kill warning area trigger.  The map size and land diversity is amazing with plenty of choke points and means of travel.  This will extend the map life and give us more gameplay options to work with.  

Whenever maps are switched, tons of time goes into rebalancing and adding map specific changes which is time consuming and doesn't allow for as many improved and newer, sometimes never done before features that add depth and more options/choices for players to explore and achieve.  I fear this will happen with namalsk.

Below are images of lingor extension. You can check out the changes by downloading map and running in the editor.

Extended lingor 1.5:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/239 ... itions.jpg

I believe this is 1.4:

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