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Server Suggestions / My suggestions for the server
« on: April 18, 2014, 08:14:33 AM »
After Stallionfire, myself and afew others were talking in TS last night about how to get people to come back to the server full time, I decided to make a post and list out some suggestions/observations that I've taken from other Epoch servers. Since I really don't know much about how servers work I'm not sure how some of these suggestions will work out or not but I'm going to list them anyway. So here we go....

1. BUILDING IN/AROUND EXISTING BUILDINGS - This is a big thing on the server myself and afew others have been playing on for the last few weeks. They allow you to build in any of the existing houses/buildings on the map besides any firestations, school houses and military bases. But industrial buildings and low/medium loot areas are far game. For me this can be a slippery slope. If everyone takes over all the industrial areas on the map, then it makes it hard to get buildables unless you make new missions that are high value buildables like cinder walls, metal floors etc. But on the other hand it makes it easier for bambis to come on the server and get a base going pretty fast. We were trying to take over a small town by just walling it off but that turned out to be tough with all the zombies spawning in but at least you give the players the option to do so.

2. DIFFERENT WEAPONS AND CLOTHES - This is something I've wanted to ask for for awhile now. I think we need to have more guns added, both high value and low, for some different variety. I know the AS50 is way too OP but some of the other machine guns, assault rifles available should be an easy thing to add in. Even if some have to be nerfed or maybe only available at very high value loot missions (IE the KSVK, LAPUA etc). I'm not sure what other weapons packages are available for ARMA 2 to add in but its worth looking at I think. Also, different clothing options would be good too. Like the regular Bandit Camo instead of the survivor clothes with the head wrap. I like that much better. I'm not sure if this would have to be ARMA 2 specific clothes or if custom clothes can also be uploaded and used. I know that may affect the server if everyone has to DL that file before they play. I really like the way that SA does it with having more civy style clothes then military and being about to mix and match. What about added different masks or helmets etc too? Anything to make the character more custom to the player.

3. LESS MILITARY VEHICLES - Most of the servers I've played have had little to no armed military vehicles. I think if there is a mission that has a tank or an APC with guns on it that is ONLY available there, that is fine. Then if someone gets it they can mess around with it during that restart, then it disappears. But when there are tanks all over or Cesnas with rockets, thats too much. That makes it more like just regular ARMA 2 for me, not a survival game that is supposed to be about killing zombies and living through the apocalypse. All the normal vehicles and planes are fine for me. If there are more that can be added in, I'm all for that as long as they aren't too OP.

4. MORE MISSIONS PER RESTART - The missions are allows a fun thing I think and if there is a way to add more in during each restart without affecting the server too much, that would be nice. Ive seen up to 4 different missions going on in a 50+ person server and they were crazy. Some were "IKEA truck crashes with building supplies", or " Bandits have taken over (insert town name), clear the town and get the gold" and "NATO vehicles crashed protecting a VIP, kill him before he escapes" to name afew. I think there should be AI at the gold missions to make it more challenging. But it seems to bring people out into the map more by having all those missions going on at once, even if they all don't have AI. Another one I saw on a regular DayZ server was "Most Wanted" where someone was picked randomly, either they had the most kills on the server at that time or killed the most players during a restart, then a message would come up with where they were located and if you killed them you got X amount of gold. I though that was interesting especially with certain people on DM  ;)

5. MORE KILL MESSAGES/STATS - This is more secondary for me and doesn't make or break a server but I like the live stats that tell who killed who and with what etc. Then having an option to get live stats while playing (IE type in !stats AlmightyWez, or something like that, and it shows your lifetime stats).

That pretty much covers the big topics for me, that I can think of right now anyway. I'm sure there are others people can add to this thread if they want to and we'll see who wants what. Since I started playing Epoch I've played here and hope it can get back to the 50 players, with a line waiting to get in, that it was a year ago or so.

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