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Author Topic: Dead Meat Squad Server is up and running  (Read 1345 times)


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Dead Meat Squad Server is up and running
« on: March 04, 2017, 12:36:55 AM »
I asked Nate Nickerson if I could use some of his dedicated server space to host a DM Squad Server and he said yes.

I have set up a Squad Server Called   *** DEAD MEAT ***  you should find it in the custom servers list in the game server browser.  If you can't find it let me know and I may have to reset it if it sits too long without population.

The server costs $80.00 per month to run and we also run our MX Simulator Motocross races on it.  So if you can find it in your heart to send a donation to off set the expenses please do. 

On the top right of the front page of the DMgamers website there is a donation button.  Also if you would like to send it directly to Nate you can use his simraces.com site donation button here  -- >  http://simraces.com/

The donations will be used to pay for one server running both the games on it.  (Mx Simulator and Squad)  Plus if we add any more games down the road.

Also, for TS3 and the DM website there is a button in the top left of the front page of DMgamers website.  This button goes to Webrat for the website and the TS3 Expenses.  Please send him some love if you can.  He just paid up our TS3 for the year at about a $200.00 cost.

If you can't see the donation buttons, make sure you click the arrow up to display the block that contains the button.  Some people have mentioned to me they can't find the button.  The problem is they have hidden the block on the front page.  make sure your blocks are not in the hidden mode.  Click on the arrows to display the blocks on the DMgamers.com front page.

Your front page should look like this when the blocks are not hidden. -->  https://gyazo.com/5fd67078b9e2c4db22fc9a83374a26a6

Maybe we can get some guys together soon and get the server tested and started up  with some population.  I have selected 5 admins for the server listed below.

Squad Admins:

JamesJones (Andy)

If you do not want to be on this list let me know.

I  have set up 5 reserved slots for admins.  We can also set up reserved slots for DM members.  I can add them by Steam ID. 

If you are a DM member and want a reserved slot let me know and I can set it up.  I will need your steam ID.

Use this link to find your Steam ID  :  http://steamrep.com/

I need the SteamID64 - Just the number at the end after the word PROFILES/

Lets get it fired up and rolling. 

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