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Author Topic: Welcome to the new Outlaws of the Old West Server - We Have FORTS!!!  (Read 405 times)


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If you are looking to exchange gold, bank, buy, sell, cook or get some water, check no further!  Forts Apache, Meadows, and Lowlands are here for you.

Each of our Forts has a tower, for scouting and protection, a bank to store your valuables and money.  A gold exchange vendor to convert your gold to cash.  An auctioneer to buy and sell what you find on the prairie.

Also found at the Forts are a well for getting water and a fire pit for cooking a fast meal.

Fort Lowlands is located in section 13.15

Fort Apache is located in section 10.17

Fort Meadows is located in section 6.19

Presently, there are no rules on our servers surrounding camping, but don't set up a base inside the Forts, these are for everyone to use.

Happy Trails Cowpokes!
Yellow Eagle Nelson
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