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Author Topic: 2016 Dead Meat MXS Plans  (Read 1478 times)


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2016 Dead Meat MXS Plans
« on: September 02, 2015, 11:03:35 PM »
There are several changes for DM going into 2016. So we decided to make a post outlining it all.


Here are the preliminary pro and amateur 2016 rosters. Now we will have a new system that we will use to determine the final pro/amateur teams leading into 2016. But we will post more info about that within the next month.

Grant Dawson
Sean Klein
Johnnie  McIntyre
Grant Slater
Ethan Parks
Zac Corbett
Caleb Stillman

Jeff Johnson
Angelo Cribari
Anthony Conti
Eric O'Connor
Roman Rositani
Aaron Bonneau
Zach Ebert

Inactive Roster:
Nick Kuenzig
Lonnie Parsons
Triston Wyatt


Something completely new for DM in 2016 is the addition of two real life sponsors. DM will be sponsored by Ride 365 and Novik gloves. This sponsorship includes the team and the championships we run, but mainly focuses on championships. They may provide a few things we can give to team riders though.

Team Gear:

- Gear: Ride 365
- Helmets: Bell & 6D
- Boots: Gaerne & Alpinestars
- Gloves: Novik

Team Bikes:

- Brand: Yamaha
- Sponsors on bike: Yamaha, Ride 365, Novik, Dead Meat, FMF, MotoSport.com


DM will host a variety of championships in 2016. The first of which will probably be in the spring.


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Re: 2016 Dead Meat MXS Plans
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2015, 11:16:54 PM »
I also want to add that if you need an account here on the DMgamers.com forum please let one of the MX Simulator Admins know so we can help you get signed up.   The forum is locked due to spammers constantly trying to make fake accounts so we have to open it up when someone wants to join.

Talk to StallionFire, Grant, Mototank, Twiz, Roman or BigFluffyChicken and we can get the forum unlocked so you can join us.

Most of us are on TS3 most nights.  ts3.dmgamers.com:9297  or

You can also message one of us on Steam if needed.