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Author Topic: DM A/B Team Roster System For 2016  (Read 1280 times)


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DM A/B Team Roster System For 2016
« on: September 10, 2015, 12:28:42 AM »
DM A/B Team Roster System For 2016

Team Names:
Since it is very likely that at some point we will have some riders on the "amateur" team that will be qualifying for pro events in 2016. We are doing away with the "pro" and "amateur" labels. What was formerly the pro roster will now be referred to as the A-Team roster, and what was formerly the amateur roster will be referred to as the B-Team roster.

The team selection system has been heavily revised since it was announced a few weeks ago. This is the new system.

The shootout concept has been scrapped. What was going to be the shootout (October 13th @ Bercy) will now serve as a team photoshoot/video session. We're also looking at it as a fun race/SX testing race.


The admins will vote on the rosters based off of 2015 results. 8 will be voted onto the A-Team (Pro), and 10 will be on the B-Team (Am). The rosters will be announced the weekend after the final MXGP round.


If a rider feels as though he was snubbed by the admin vote, or if at some point during SX a rider feels they are performing better than a pro. The amateur rider can challenge the pro to a 1v1 race. If the amateur wins they will move onto the pro roster. With the pro either moving down a spot in the pro ranking or dropping down to the amateur roster.

A rider may challenge 2 times throughout a season.

Team Photoshoot/Video/Test Race:

We still ask that as many DM riders as possible show up for the Bercy race on October 13th. There will be a team edit made out of it, and a team photoshoot. So there's really no reason to just skip it. It'll also show off your SX skills.
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