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Author Topic: Protests System  (Read 1251 times)


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Protests System
« on: September 17, 2015, 04:11:08 PM »



1st Offense: Warning
- A warning will be given for first time offenders of small violations. Warnings can also be given out in bulk to several riders at once.

2nd Offense: 1 Round Suspension/Docked Positions
- A second time offender, or a rider who commits a major violation as their first offense will be suspended for one round/docked positions.

3rd Offense: Multi-Round Suspension
- A third time offender will be suspended 2-5 rounds based on the severity of the violation.

4th Offense: Series Ban
- A fourth time offender will be suspended for the entire series no matter the severity of the violation.

Minor Violations:

- Holding up a leader for 1-2 corners.
- Taking out a leader by being careless.

Major Violations:

- Cutting the track and gaining an advantage over other riders.
- Purposely taking out riders.
- Purposely taking out leaders while being lapped.
- Purposely holding up the a leader for 3+ corners.
- Aggressively re-passing leaders.
- Cross jumping a leader.
- Going backwards on the track into traffic.
- Racing pro's and am's in the same week.
- Impersonating another rider.

We are more interested in protests about major violations. So keep that in mind when filing protests. For example: If a rider holds you up for 2 corners while you are lapping him, there will probably be no penalty. We should be able to catch most minor violations while reviewing the demo's ourselves after the races.

Drawn up by Grant and approved by StallionFire, Mototank, Twiz, BigFluffy and Roman.
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